This academic year the school management has decided to add some special clubs to the extracurricular activities the students do. It’s called special because experts will be coming in to train the children who join the club.
If we look at which way technology is heading and which aspects we use the products, be it offline or online, it’s logical to consider how bright future will affect children. Developing a coding literacy may mean a lot to them when they grow up. In respect to this we are starting a Coding and Graphics club this academic year.

Young engineers club: this club introduce the STEM program to kids using lego bricks and other mechanical elements. This program encourages experimenting, tinkering, building, observing, exploring, problem solving and creating.

Taekwondo club: Taekwondo is a Korean martial art style which uses kicking and punching movements to energize the body, and breathing and meditation techniques to provide focus. It helps children to be mentally and physically fit, it boost their self-esteem, strong healthy body, confidence and self-defence skills will be developed.

The school management has put in place a mechanism which would help students improve their vocabulary. Parents are advised to check every Friday to check their children’s Vocabulary exercise books. Students are expected to master the spellings and check the meaning of the words.

This academic year the school will be having Inter/Intra Class Quiz, Debate and Spelling competition. This is to help build confidence and self-esteem in the students and prepare them for external competitions.